November 2010

Theme-switchin’ Sunday

There are a lot of WP themes out there!

Today I skimmed through 50 pages of the newest themes and added some, deleted some, experimented with some and at this point I’m happy with the current one, Room 34 Baseline 1.5 by Scott Anderson.

Also changed the title to “cogitationation” as much for fun as anything else.

D.C. Heliport-A Glimmer of Hope?

Long overdue, thanks to Holmes Norton for pushing this issue and NBC for covering it.

Support for D.C. Heliport Takes Off | NBC Washington.

The details, on the Congresswoman’s site.

WordPress mobile app updated


WordPress › Blog.

Checking in from iPhone, NJ

Cool and clear here near Gotham tonight.
Back to Bob in the studio.

Live From iPad, N.D.!

Hey sports fans, it’s me here at the ikeyboard finding out how this work!
So far, so good.

Test Post Number One

here is a testing post.

  • because we want one
  • so we can try out the list
  • and RSS
  • and link formatting