October 2011

Snowtober day 2

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24 hours later, Buddah and cornflowers say Autumn is not over until it is over!

iPhone 4 HDR image, cropped.

Snowtober day 1

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Snowtober Saturday, I thought all was lost with such an effect on these flowers, but by next afternoon in the melting snow under sunny skies, they seemed to be recovering! Instagram Kelvin filter and frame applied.

Aperture-iPhone Camera Roll glitch

Although I’m really happy with the new accessibility of the iPhone camera from the lock screen, and the hardware shutter button, there is still a glitch using it with Aperture.

Recently I snapped a photo from the lock screen, and as any of you who’ve tried it know, the only ‘camera roll’ images you can see when in this mode are those you’ve shot since activating the camera this way, and I reviewed the pic and was happy. But oddly the image didn’t seem to be committed to the actual camera roll somehow.

I let the camera go back to lock mode, dark, opened Aperture to import the just-taken image, and… it’s not available!

Hm! So I unlocked the iPhone, checked the camera roll and verified the image is in there but still Aperture does not see it. So then I reboot the iPhone, quit Aperture, and Aperture does not even see the iPhone. Had to unplug/replug the iPhone for Aperture to see it and finally the image appeared.


[Update: see also Camera Roll/Photos glitch on TUAW]

Aperture Space irritation

So the Mac OS Lion goodness is flowing all around, but why has Apple still not fixed the odd behavior of Aperture when it is assigned to a Space?

Since Spaces came out as a feature, I was one of the apparently few who liked it. I assigned apps to different spaces so I could shift easily among different work/mindspaces. All along, including now in Lion, the command-tab application switching feature does not work with Aperture, in the sense that Lion does not go to its space when I command-tab to it. I have to go directly to its Space (multiple ways) to make it the active app.

I noticed this when backing up vaults to external drives. Aperture’s icon hops and the OS voice tells me “Aperture needs your attention”. I try to quickly command-tab to see what’s up (and allow the backup to continue) but then have to somehow clickety-click or control-# to activate its space, then the annunciation goes away.

Other apps don’t do this, I wish Aperture wouldn’t. Ack!

iPhone 4/4S poor battery life on iOS5

I’m reading more about Apple seeking out iPhone 4S owners regarding rapid battery depletion, but it may not be a 4S issue.

Christopher Breen at Macworld did some clever but inconclusive troubleshooting with additional software and appropriate application of wetware on his battery-sucking 4S.

When I switched my iPhone 4 to iOS 5, I immediately saw the same power draw, going from 100% battery, with the phone on the nightstand doing nothing but waiting to alarm me awake about seven hours later. Imagine the chagrin at finding the battery at 28% upon wakeup, when the phone normally lasted days on a charge under iOS 4.x.

So, I am not the genius that Breen is, so I did the usual stuff like turning off bluetooth, wifi, cellular data, notifications, location services, and I think only airplane mode slowed the drain. During later trouble shooting the phone would lose about 10% charge per hour.

Same behavior but on an iPhone 4 with iOS 5. Although I had set up the phone as a new device when upgrading to 5, and spent hours setting it up again (long story), I couldn’t figure it out so nuked the phone again without putting on apps or content. Then the battery was stable. Gradually I added apps and other content, slowly turning features back on. Now it’s back to a normal battery drain. Go figure.

Simultaneously, I did switch to iCloud, and also had some iCal glitches that took about 2 hours with AppleCare on the phone to resolve. Perhaps that’s related.

Anyway, hope you didn’t have the same ugly experience!

[Update: The Loop reports iOS update for battery issue and others]

Stylish scootin’ on 23rd St.

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While waiting for the bus on 23rd St., there was ample time to experiment with the G11 in panning. This one, I like the various kinds of streaks and lines, the few sharp features on the scooter, how the face blurred naturally (post-process notes: only selective burning and overall limited “enhance” in Aperture plus cropping) and the mystery of the subject.

Autumn yearning to be free

© 2011 David Nuss, All Rights Reserved

For now captured behind rock wall fencing, these colorful leaves will eventually prevail! Instagram filter and frame with blur tool applied.

Pole Project

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Snapped while waiting in the construction-associated traffic. Instagram filter and frame applied.

About Momentum Driving

My 2005 Prius and I usually get over 50 miles per gallon, less in winter.

I’m sharing some techniques in future posts if they’re of use to anyone in their driving, Prius or not. (Not related to the UK company with a web site of the same name; I just googled the term and saw their site).

I think it’s good to:

  • strive for better mileage and less pollution
  • be nice to your machine by being smooth
  • help traffic flow by being smooth
  • be efficient in life in general

These techniques:

  • save money on fuel by using less
  • save money on maintenance by wearing less on tires, brakes
  • extend peaceful karma
  • make use of the brain in a positive way
  • give a good feeling that you’re improving the world
  • would help traffic flow if more drivers observed them
Be aware:
  • many drivers don’t see beyond the steering wheel
  • many drivers don’t think much about their technique or other people
  • you may have to practice regular breathing to stay calm around the above
  • you may observe tailgaters and aggressive passing on both sides
  • this has always been the case for those willing to be different

Doing good things, is, I think, good, and good is the right thing to do.

Why “Momentum Driving”? It’s a name I thought up while driving, thinking about the whole route, and trying to make it as smooth as possible, thinking about how to minimize the stop and start, minimize acceleration and braking. Knowing when to accelerate and not, when to coast to minimize braking. Every time you push the accelerator, you spend money. Every time you touch the brakes, you throw away some money. Think about driving as spending money, and these techniques might make more sense. So it’s an approach to driving to maximize efficiency.

Let the momentum carry you along, perhaps a bit like something floating on the currents of water. This big picture will meld with the little picture tips as the posts in this category/tag add up.

Find additional posts on this topic by clicking on the tag or category MoDr in the sidebar (as you can with any other category of post). It might even work if you click the MoDr tag/category and then at the bottom of the page, click to subscribe to the RSS feed of such blogs, then in your RSS reader, you’ll get each new post on the topic.

About RSS

Recently I tried to help a friend get more out of their slow satellite Internet connection (too rural for broadband) by recommending use of RSS, instead of slowly loading bookmark after bookmark with all the ads and fancy content.

Friend kindly complimented that the following explanation was clear and useful:

Right, so. Web pages are constructed, basically, either as “static” html
files or “dynamic” databases that fill a template. When you use your browser
to visit a page, the server fills your browser with the content. Sometimes
that’s more content than you want, including ads, links, other content.

RSS is a repackaging of a web site’s content that the publisher chooses to
make available in various levels of depth.

The beauty of an RSS reader is that it can provide you this reduced, more
focused content in an attractive and easy to manage way.

You can identify a site with a feed either via the letters RSS somewhere in
the browser toolbar or url field, or a link way at the bottom of pages, or
the standardized RSS icon, usually orange, with curved lines, or waves,
going up and to the right, a dot lower left.

I just looked in Firefox for Mac (you said you’re using the “Mozilla”
browser, which I take it is the Firefox browser from Mozilla). It doesn’t
show an easily clickable icon but I found the feed info in the Tools > Page
Info menu item. Don’t know if it’s the same in the Windows version of
Firefox or not…

Firefox also apparently has a feature, in Mac, for something called “Live
Bookmarks”, which is an RSS reader/organization it sounds like.

Does any of that help?

[Update 1] Google’s “Feed 101”, a slightly more obtuse variation on the above, but more wide-ranging. Don’t worry if you fall asleep or click away from the page.

[Update 2] Some even more techie RSS 2.0 details from 2003, at Harvard Law’s site linked from Dave Winer.

[Update 3] What Dave means when he uses “RSS”.

Today’s adjustments


I’m trying to figure out a relatively efficient way to get photos out there. A way to integrate my current uses: this blog, Instagram on the iDevices, Flickr, and Twitter.

Today, I’ve added an instagram page, at this point my 12 most recent Instagram photos, which can be viewed larger by clicking. Presently using the Instapress plug-in. Took a few minutes to figure it out but so far so good.

Also added a flickrs page, with the 10 most recent (limit of Flickr html badge creation). Will see how it goes.


Also added is my Twitter feed, in the sidebar on the right. Click on a tweet, it opens the twitter site in your browser.


I moved the sidebar elements around.

More ways to maintain free thinking

Some very important thoughts from Dave Winer on how to keep your information channels open as the world changes:

Connecting RSS and Occupy

Mystery Lurking

© 2011 David Nuss, All Rights Reserved

© 2011 David Nuss, All Rights Reserved

Also from the same walk along the edge of EWR airport recently. Somewhere there’s a story hiding in this image…

Converging Lines, Colorful Colors

Autumn Sun Lines n Colors © David Nuss

© 2011 David Nuss, All Rights Reserved

So I’m walking (to the consternation of colleagues in a car) back from lunch at EWR one day, knowing it would be one of the last warm days of the year, and snapped some iPhone-otos. This, with an Instagram filter and crop.

Early Autumn Sound Sailing

LI Autumn Sailing © David Nuss

© 2011 David Nuss, All Rights Reserved

Lots and lots of sailing going on at this weekend when the photo was taken on a 70s F early Autumn day. This photo, with an Instagram filter applied, has the best graphical look to it but doesn’t express the literally hundreds of boats out all along Long Island Sound.

Time for some other colors

© 2011 David Nuss, All Rights Reserved

© 2011 David Nuss, All Rights Reserved

From the gray skyline colors the other day to the bright blue sky, here is the result of sundown after a bright blue sky day–the golden glow of the sky reflected in Manhattan’s west side high rises.

Blue skies for a gray day


Copyright 2011 David Nuss, All Rights Reserved

Today is grayer than expected here in the greater Gotham area, so here is the tower at Newark airport for your blue-sky enjoyment, made with iphone, unadulterated by filters or post-processing. Just pure jpeg goodness, yummy!

Long Island boat blobs

Copyright 2011 David Nuss, All Rights Reserved

This one is from mid-summer, I snapped these late afternoon sailors with the idea of cranking up the saturation, to turn the colorful sails into little blobs of color, and it almost worked!
Alas the sky reflection washed out, though if I wanted to spend a lot of time tweaking, it may have been better.
But those are some cool color blobs bobbing on the Sound.

Keeping Pace at N40

Piper Pacer

© 2011 David Nuss, All Rights Reserved

Spent some nice hours at the wonderful Sky Manor airport in central-west NJ Sunday, including a fine breakfast at the restaurant, which features big glass windows with a view of the runway.

Met lots of nice folks and saw some interesting aircraft, including several homebuilts.

Stop by an visit the field if you’re in the area!

Instagram filter applied, not sure which one. The actual plane is what you might call Piper Yellow.

End of Summer feeling at KHTO

airplanes on the KHTO ramp at sunset

© 2011 David Nuss, All Rights Reserved

I’m experimenting with the Instagram software on the iPhone. Saw this sunset image last week between flights at East Hampton, NY (KHTO).

Don’t recall the filter I used, alas.