February 2012

Moon and Venus

Moon and Venus on planetary alignment evening

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Moon and Venus in the western sky just after sunset 2/25, with other planets also in line; appx 20 degrees right tilt from  horizon, looking upwards about 35 degrees.

Viewed from Bangalore, India, while fighting off mosquitoes.

[Canon 7D, ISO 3200, 1/60@2.8, 70-200 L on tripod w/10 sec self timer; tweaked for exposure, saturation, noise reduction and slight vignette in Aperture]

Time frozen waters of unfrozen Lake Worth FL

frozen waters

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Learning a new camera by photowalking while in West Palm Beach, FL. This, kind of yukky looking (in color) waters frozen by shutter speed and b/w conversion filter applied.

[Canon 7D; Aperture red filter adjustment and other minor tweaks]