September 2012

7.67 years, 4x ’round the earth

Prius New n Now

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Due to our situation, I’m putting my faithful steed up for sale. 🙁

We’ve been together a while, spent many an hour together, mostly here in NJ but as far down as Washington, DC, up to Niagara Falls, West Guilford, Canada, and Providence, RI.

Most of it at >50 mpg! If you like to do math, go for it!

In that time, gas prices in NJ have surged from upper $1.xx to now near $4.00/gallon.

This particular spot in the photo, was easily accessible back then, one of my favorite skyline locations, but is now developed with a fence and wide walkway.

I didn’t take along the original photo when making the Sept. version, just ballparked it at about the same solar angle time of day. Pretty pleased with the closeness.

Hopefully the car will transfer to a nice new family.

[upper photo Canon S60; lower photo Canon S100 twice the pixel dimensions, but both matched and reduced for the web. Slight adjustments for exposure in the highlight areas of the lower image, upper untouched except to add text. Pixelmator.]

Doc Aloft, Toronto

Doc Searls’ Canon 5D images from 1,500′ in the CN Tower:

Those lines are following me!


© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Yes, yes, why am I so fascinated with overhead lines? no idea!

In this case, a Summer evening walkabout in Sag Harbor, NY, on Long Island, the lights and angles made me stop and look.

Toyed a while with choosing an image with the light illuminated on the right, but that seemed to go against the flow.

[Canon Powershot S100, ISO 80, 1/100@f4.5; Aperture’d for exposure, saturation, contrast]

Vernacular Hillside

vernacular hillside nj

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Right, so. uh. um.

You’re wondering, am I right?

“WT***(insert expletive here)”, Dave!

So, ever’ so often, something just grabs my eye, so I make an image. I’m from the west, so this combination of brick, functional architecture, overhead lines, repeating yellow parallel lines, riffing lines and shadows, just grabbed my eye, seemed a nice composition. So there.

On the way to a car service appointment in Hillside, NJ.

[iPhone 4, ISO 80, 1/1000@f2.8; Aperture straightened, shadows lightened, saturation boosted]

Wednesday linx

Time Lapse Experiment

Over the weekend I fooled around with time lapse, using the 7D and a timer to shoot jpgs every 15 sec for a couple of hours, then turned them into a QuickTime video after a bit of brightness and contrast adjusting. Needs work, will try to improve my technique. Interesting change of pace.

Posted on my Vimeo page.

Photo Stuff



Internet Voter Reg Day was 9/25

Sorry about being late!


Day/Nite color


© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Funnily enough, this is also not far from the swan-canoe images on the Philadelphia waterfront. It so happened that this summer I was there walking with time on one hand and camera in the other on several occasions. There is a condo building with these stainless steel (?) fish shapes on poles out front, so I shot the top one just after sunset and later in my walk the night one below.

[Canon Powershot S100; Aperture’d in exposure, black point, saturation; both]


© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Monday linx

Animated tv program The Jetsons turned 50 on Sunday!

Time Lapse photography of the Irish countryside

Color in motion theme

boat pan

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Lately I’m messing around with both short video clips and still photos with various uses of camera motion, as you’ve seen in past posts.

This one is turned out nicely, from the original scene imaged below.

[Canon Powershot S100, ISO 80, f8@.4seconds, horizontal pan; Aperture-tweaked for vignette]

The image derives from the original scene below:


© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Which is a swan boat/canoe concession at the marina in Philadelphia at the waterfront. Adjacent to the old sailing ship, warship, and submarine, across the river from the US New Jersey in Camden, NJ.

I’m enjoying trying to find motion images from original static scenes.

Photo related links for today

Unmanned aircraft camera platforms as part of extreme sports (AP)

The Online Photographer (TOP) links to LA Times’ Framework image gallery of the Space Shuttle/747 combo going to LA.

If life is art, 10 rules for life

10 Rules for Students, Teachers, and Life by John Cage and Sister Corita Kent“.

Via Brain Pickings.

Give, take, make. hm.

Dizzyfying hallway

Dizzy Hallway

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Ok, so.

A couple of times a year I go to a helicopter pilots’ professional meeting, which is usually (these days) held at a hotel/office tower at a highway crossroads roughly convenient to organization members in three states.

Typically I park out back on the top of the car garage, instead of out front in the semi-circular parking lots. There’s a walkway to the garage, and this is how it looks going to the garage. Kinda spacy. Kinda 2001-ish.

[iPhone4, ISO  800, 1/15@f2.8; minor adjustments in Aperture for highlights, black point]

Yo-yos in spaaaace!

You know, the toys, yo-yos, not the people.

In this case, “astronaut and chemist Don Pettit” demos a bit, thanks to the wonder of YouTube and Explore web site. Enjoy.

Little window on a big world +

Today’s cartoon at, “Click and Drag”, is pretty interesting. There’s a window about the size of the photos on this blog, with a couple of panels above it. You scroll in all directions to explore and discover. Lots of metaphor potential there.

While you’re at the site, don’t forget to also check out the very interesting “What If?” site also by the artist.

The only caveat if you continue to follow the site by RSS or regular visits is that sometimes the content is, ahem, for adults with open minds.

Space blob bowling

water bowling pin

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Right, maybe you noticed the same thing, you sharp-eyed person.

This is the same set up as the earlier post on “Space blobs“. There was a whole series of very different looking images based on using an iPhone to photograph the same water droplets on a car moon roof.

In this one, I especially like that nature produced a bowling-pin shaped drop.

There are other interesting images from the experiment. If I ever figure out how to do a gallery in this WordPress theme, I’ll post more.

[iPhone 4, ISO 1000, 1/15@f2.8; tweaked in Aperture for exposure, highlights, noise, vignette]

What if you don’t want the latest Twitter app?

What we have here, is a fundamental update problem.


iOS, and to a certain extent the evolution of the Mac OS, makes it too easy to update an app, and too hard to un-update. App developers sometimes make radical changes in their apps, and if a user just blindly updates it, say, on a routine iTunes visit, whoa, the user could be in for a sorry awakening.

Scrabble for iPhone in my case, came out with an ‘update’ that took away some of my most-used features and changed the app to an internet/sharing-focused app. I enjoyed playing one-on-one vs. the iPhone, and do not share my every life’s move online. Now I rarely use the app since it loads slowly and I have to fight my way past the ‘sharing’ opportunities to simply just play a short game vs. the computer. Wish I could revert to the previous version!

Today’s issue is what has been reviewed as a, ahem, ‘less than optimal’ change in the Twitter app for iPad. Previously, it was the wonderful Tweetie by Loren Brichter, but now, says the rajam report, “This has to be one of the most regressive updates I have seen to an app in a long time”, removing functionality and elegance for, shall we say, business concerns.


So, let’s say a person is not as diligent as to check each and every app update in iTunes to see if they want it, and also that they haven’t really been monitoring their favorite web sites to see if their favorite apps have stumbled in an update, and mistakenly updated, what then?

Since iTunes puts your previous version in the Trash when you download a new version of an iOS app, you could choose the offending app in iTunes, right-click for “Show in Finder”, delete the app, and drag the good, earlier, version back into iTunes or the Mobile Applications folder in your iTunes folder.

Let’s say it’s been a while since you updated, and you’ve emptied the trash! What about Time Machine? if you use it, great, but you can’t look at old Trash cans that way; when you open the Trash window in Finder, then open Time Machine, you find yourself in the user folder, which doesn’t contain Trash.

Instead, you can again find the offending app in iTunes, right-click “Open in Finder”, then, from the resulting Mobile Applications window, go back in Time Machine and Restore an earlier version if it exists in your Time Machine backups.

But then you’d still be presented with availability of an update on future checks in iTunes. There is no apparent way to mark app updates as ‘ignore’ and thus not show them in iTunes, as there is with Mac app updates.


In Sum

There is a big tech company whose co-founder was fond of pointing out their location at the intersection of technology and liberal arts. Yes, technical and liberal arts folk live in different universes, and being able to bring them together in a product is a phenomenal achievement. The Twitter app episode here shows the disconnect at that company. The app update situation shows something of a disconnect at that big tech company. User beware. User be ready to workaround in those instances where you haven’t paid attention when clicking update!

Leica HoF award to Nick Ut

Video and text interview of Nick Ut, youngest winner of the Pulitzer news photo prize, in the Vietnam days. Illuminating story overall with more backstory, current story and more on his most famous image:

Leica Camera Blog

Space blobs

space blob

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Back in NJ, in May, after taking Ka’s car to work, I looked up at the moon roof getting ready to head home and saw some very interesting rain blobs. I made a bunch of shots with the iPhone, flash on and off, just exploring the shapes and light. Made a wide variety of interesting shapes and colors and compositions.

This is one of my faves, may post others…

[iPhone 4, ISO 250, 1/15@f2.8; minimal, if any, adjustments in Aperture]

Indecisive motion

flower swirl

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

flower pan

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

I couldn’t decide which of these I like better. Both from same patch of grass, near the end of the photo walk with Nina. I did a fair bit of experimentation with camera movement. The contrast of the white and green with little yellow color accents grabbed me photo-eye.

[Canon 7D; about 1/10 at f/22, ISO 200; adjusted in Aperture for exposure, sharpness, saturation]

Nature forms

Nature forms

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Coming back towards an earlier area, one little form contrasted itself with its surroundings. Sometimes it’s interesting to look back or reverse course for a bit.

[Canon 7D; 55mm, ISO 200, 1/1k@f5.6; tweaked for exposure and saturation in Aperture]