September 30, 2012

7.67 years, 4x ’round the earth

Prius New n Now

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Due to our situation, I’m putting my faithful steed up for sale. 🙁

We’ve been together a while, spent many an hour together, mostly here in NJ but as far down as Washington, DC, up to Niagara Falls, West Guilford, Canada, and Providence, RI.

Most of it at >50 mpg! If you like to do math, go for it!

In that time, gas prices in NJ have surged from upper $1.xx to now near $4.00/gallon.

This particular spot in the photo, was easily accessible back then, one of my favorite skyline locations, but is now developed with a fence and wide walkway.

I didn’t take along the original photo when making the Sept. version, just ballparked it at about the same solar angle time of day. Pretty pleased with the closeness.

Hopefully the car will transfer to a nice new family.

[upper photo Canon S60; lower photo Canon S100 twice the pixel dimensions, but both matched and reduced for the web. Slight adjustments for exposure in the highlight areas of the lower image, upper untouched except to add text. Pixelmator.]