November 2012

Manahatta Cloudhazepocalypse

harbor n clouds

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

This was one of those mornings when the mix of early morning sun, haze, fog, and incongruous billowing clouds made this look like a really weird scene over New York Harbor.

Couldn’t decide if I like the one above or the one with the rotor blade better. Please comment.

Oh, and right, I called this ‘Manahatta’ blah blah but actually a good portion of the terrain is Joisy, of the new kind. Like, Elizabeth lower edge, and Jersey City middle left, and the disputed Liberty Island in the middle and Governor’s island and Brooklyn middle right.

[both images Canon S100, iso 80, Aperture cropped, enhanced, some blemishes brushed away.

blade n clouds

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Clouds rock

clouds rock

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

I guess I dig clouds, which is why they rock. No harm, no foul if you just click on by.

[iPhone 4 image, typical blown out highlights; Aperture adjusted for some contrast and similar goodies to make it look a bit more like a polarizer shot although I could have easily used one but I didn’t have it with]

Sunny August iPhonotowalk 2


© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

With rgb elements of goodness, another iPhone walkimage. I wonder how many of these new words are going to last, that we create all around this smartphone/digital universe. Wouldn’t it be nice to start a meme!

Unmodded iPhone4 image.

Sunny August iPhonotowalk 1

CP phonotowalk 1

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

So the weather was nice and the light good ‘n’ contrasty so I set out on foot errands, iPhone-photoing on the way home. #1 in the series, unmodified iPhone 4 image.

Our Cactus non-dormant Summer

SnD Cactus 2012

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

After years dormant, we weren’t sure if this plant was still alive or anything. I tried new, sandier soil and some Miracle-Grow and maybe that plus plenty of direct sun helped product three lovely flowers, each spanning at their peak nearly 3″ across.

These images were taken over two weeks. The whole cycle of buds to flower to gone was less than a month. Glad I got to see it.

My notes indicate online searching led to possible ID of “Coryphantha” type of cactus; specifically “Coryphantha maiz-tablasensis”.

Upper left image with the  Canon S100, its built in flash diffused with a white handkerchief. Upper right iPhone 4 with a piece of white paper or something as fill light from the right. Lower image with the S100, iso80, 125th@8, macro mode focus, no fancy fill or anything. Hand held in natural, direct balcony sun.

Full Moon launch

full moon 430

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Here we are about to launch a mighty Bell 430 from East Hampton into the full moon-light.

Finally catching up to August images.

[Canon S100, iso 1600, .6@5; Apertured for a lot of things, including sharpness brush and de-noisification of grainy sky]

Now for something more Autumny

cloud contrast

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

These are stormy clouds. Late July over Manhattan.

Pretty well fiddled around with in Aperture. Original image was quite gray to begin with so I went with a ‘cross process’ effect then manipulated the results, mostly with the color pickers for shadows, midtones, highlights, modified into the blue, orange/yellow, and magenta areas respectively. It was fun playing around with the sliders.

No weird brush effects or anything, all adjustments on the whole image level.

[Canon 7D/70-200, iso 200, .8s@8]

Peak of summer and the sand is easy


© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

This is a good week for you aerial photo fans!

The beach above is on the south shore of Long Island, out towards Westhampton roughly. I liked the mix of natural, manmade, the distribution of waves and people, there are a lot of ways to view this image. A data specialist could look at the car distribution, compare it to the wave breaks, and see how a plotted line matches up to the curves of the road and paths.

No idea how this beach is looking now after, no pun intended, Sandy the hurricane.

[Canon s100, iso80, 1/800@4; Apertured for crop, vibrancy, saturation, curves, highlight/shadow, black point]

Hope your Black Friday shopping goes well today! (US shoppers)

Coastal CT Color

colorful CT coast

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Hey so that last post sounded lame… will try this liny focus/blurry rest trick ‘some day’. Yeah, so here it is.

Same day, an hour later, looking north at the CT coast from high over Long Island Sound. I liked the shapes and light contrast of the early evening and wished I could take a long exposure for the panning effect but nooooo, that’s what software is for!

Anyway, a drab original heavily played with in Aperture, a mix of automatic overall adjustments, tweaks in saturation and definition as well as several brushes used in selective areas for blur, intensification, sharpness, heck, I even used the ‘Skin Smoothing’ brush on the water after blurring it. Again, looks like vignette applied but it ain’t bin dun.

[Canon S100, iso80, 1/160@5, probably again 180mph or so; Aperture’d as above]

Happy Thanksgiving (US)!

Opera in the wild

The other evening I heard a few minutes’ worth of wild dogs howling. Intriguing to hear for a mostly suburban/urban denizen.

First some barking, then one main howler, soon joined by other howlers backed up by fainter staccato barkers. Was wishing I had a shotgun microphone to record the session. We have had a wild dog problem for a long time. Looking at the newspaper (yes, paper) here it seems The Authorities have a culling program ongoing. Seems to be fewer dogs hanging around on the streets than on my past visits, tho that’s not a scientific observation.

Our gated community is surrounded by older and newer construction, and on a few sides open fields with corrugated metal shacks where people live, plus small wooded areas. I’m supposing that is where the dogs are roaming.

More unsettling is the sound of cats growling at each other. More primal and with a tint of potential violence.

More marine with mucho satu

mucho marino

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Looking down on the water this time, geez what creativity!

While flyin’ the long legs high over Long Island Sound, there are some interesting things to see, such as this boat, its wake, and the other interesting lines waves, and sun thru cloud shapes.

Took the aggressive swipe on the adjustments this time.

[Canon s100, iso80, 1/800@4.5, about 180 mph; Aperture cropped, auto leveled, whipped up saturation and a dash of vibrancy as well as edge sharpening. Looks like vignette but none applied, must be just the software. This might be a good one to try one of those line-sharpening/tilt-shift looks… some other day]

Looking up thru water

blub blub

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Now that you mention it, yes I do have a pic looking up thru water, shortly after that marina photo, but in Newark after a rain storm on a cloudy afternoon. The car has a tinted glass roof and this beaded up rainwater was entertaining for a while. Back in May I made some experiments with the same subject but with flash and such, posted in mid-September.

[iPhone 4, iso80 1/24@2.8; Aperture white bal, exposure, sharpness]

Light for fishies

fishy night light

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

After the maraschino red sailors’ good glow on the horizon faded, these nice colors and shapes were available. Wonder how it looks to the fishies from under water… I kept trying to get a reallly long exposure so I’d get a blurry color effect on the water with the sharp lines of foreground boat and tiedowns but it didn’t quite get where I wanted. Still, just sayin’.

[Canon S100, iso80, 1/160@4.5; Aperture’d for exposure, crop, saturation, vibrancy, curves, contrast, from a flat-ish original. Had it been Kodachrome, ‘nother story.]

Light for sailors

Red night

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Walking back to the hotel on an overnight stay in Sag Harbor, there was this bright red glow at sunset, only very slightly enhanced here in software. Quite a cherry red that I either hadn’t seen before or not in a long time.

Snapped away for a while on this and color reflections in the water by boats. Enjoyed.

[Canon S100 iso 80 160th/4.5; Aperture cropped significantly, slight sharpening and contrast adjustment and for teh arty look, some vignette. Weird color banding, don’t recall the exact term, along the black edges, is naturally occurring in the camera/software, no enhancement for this.]

Yet more clouds and boat spires

boat clouds

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Also at Sag Harbor, fast moving high clouds brushed along by some spiky boat spike thingys. Masts, antennas, those kinds of things.

[Canon S100, iso 80, 1/160th@4.5; Aperture cropped, slightly enhanced for saturation and exposure and black point but nothing fancy]

Visual riffin’ color bursts

120704 NYC fireworks collage

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

So… Back to 4th o’ July, with a visual riff on the Diwali design in the fireworks-over-the-Hudson triple-play.

Upper panels are views southwest from our condo grounds to as much as we could see of the fireworks behind buildings and trees. The lower is a post-finale vu thru light fireworks haze , one of many boats lights seen streaking north away from the show, it was like a night boat race.

[Canon 7D and 70-200 on Gitzo Reporter tripod, iso 200, f16-32, 5 to 15s exposures; exported from Aperture to Pixelmator, where cropping, exposure, resizing and stroking took place before exporting the jpg]

We interrupt this parade of summer images…

…to bring you and your family best wishes for a:

Happy Diwali

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Among the holiday decorations in our neighborhood are street drawings like this in driveways, made with colored powder, and plenty of holiday lights adorning the homes.

A staccato of fireworks ran all day Tuesday from around 7 am to nearly 11 pm. Imagine a mix of Fourth of July and Christmas, in Florida to roughly imagine the setting. Some pretty powerful fireworks were available, I’ll be posting stills and videos later. Newspaper says 50 kids in hospital from fireworks injuries in and around Bangalore.

[Canon S110, iso 250; Aperture’d for exposure, crop, white balance and contrast]

Now that Aperture was updated to handle the S110 Raw files I’m using it as the primary everyday camera.

Back now to your regular parade o’ summer snaps.

Tintypes. Not antique. Contemporary!

Real photographers… make tintypes! 4 min video by Matt Morris with Harry Taylor on Laughing Squid.

Spooky Independewe’en moon, yes! a vertical!


© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

So I set up a tripod on our condo property to shoot some of the fireworks over the Hudson river, and also the full moon rise at about the same time. Unfortunately there was only this sliver of a rise just before the start of the show.

Fireworks faves to come. Maybe this will be an excuse to figure out how to post mutiple photos in one blog post. hm.

[Canon EOS 7D, 70-200/2.8L, ISO 200, f11/2sec; Aperture cropped middle third vertical slice, enhanced saturation slightly]

Wild waves of exaggeration


© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

So as hinted in the golden waves post, here is the more extreme variation on the same subject, with vertical panning and maximum adjustments.

[S100 ISO 80 f8/20; Aperture adjusted for contrast, saturation, definition and vibrancy]