December 2012

Garlands and other details


© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Bride and groom on the flowered dais, with guests, being photographed and doing greetings. Both are wearing garlands they put over the other’s head while being hoisted on the shoulders of cohorts.

Happy New Year’s Eve!

[Canon S110; Aperture cropped, burn/dodge, exposure, contrast, etc]

Light fixture carriers

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Next time you’re having a rough day at work, think about these folks and about 20 or more also connected to the same generator. For around two hours they carried these lamps for the procession. Interesting solution to lighting a moving night event.

[Canon S110]

Procession wagontrain


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Here is the procession leading the groom’s car. Front platforms hold the musical gear, including huge speakers, and electrical, for the string of about two dozen lights trailing out back.

Participants marched and danced between the strings, moving slowly from groom’s hotel to the wedding site. Quite fun and festive. I only have this blurry image, alas, I think the videos are more effective, aim to post in future.

Lights, as you’ll see, were carried on the heads of procession workers. Fluorescent tubes, with decorative tops.

[Canon S110; Aperture many adjustments for bad photo technique]

Chariot of flowers

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

How about some flowers for your Happy Christmas!

On a mid-December weekend we attended a wedding of a Hindu couple known from work, up in the capitol of Odisha state, Bhubaneswar. It was my first wedding exposure in a long time, US or India, and this one may not have been indicative or typical in any way; indeed what is typical in a nation of over a billion inhabitants?

So we’ll stick with what is, and what was seen, without any generalizations. Also no identifiable folk here on the public blog pages since we didn’t mention posting to them.

Plenty of weddings here have events stretching across several days. We joined on wedding day around 7 pm as the groom was readying in his hotel to ride in this car behind a procession you’ll see in the next post, taking nearly two hours to go about a kilometer to the hotel where the bride’s family was hosting a ballroom buffet and where the bride, in ceremonial outfit, was on a flowered dais greeting visitors and accepting gifts.

Post-procession the groom was carried in to the dais, and then the couple was photographed, greeted, etc for some more hours. Then they disappeared to change outfits for the wedding ceremony, which took place in a smaller room next to the ballroom, under a flowered canopy with a priest. We only lasted til about midnight-thirty as the groom was getting his session with the priest, with the couple to join later.

[Canon S110, Aperture export]

Towering potential


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While going thru Aperture to pick images, this combi caught my eye, so I Pixelmator’d ’em into one image.

Top, the cleared out kitchen pantry (another home project), below, a building across the street under construction.

[iPhone 4 and Canon S110, Aperture’d and Pixelmator’d]

Shoe Towers

new home for shoes

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

And here are the completed cabinets at the front door. Don’t ask about the trouble we had getting these delivered after ordering and paying for them…

[iPhone 4, Aperture cropped]

P.S.–I’m going to an odd-day posting schedule for a short period while we are very busy with an exposition.

Parceling the parts

Brooklyn shoe cabinet project and GW kitchen pantry cleaning n reorg project

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Speaking of house projects, onesuch was deployment of two shoe cabinets with drawers for near the front door (it’s customary to not wear shoes on the nice tile-floor homes here, or as I do, have an in-home pair of flip-flops).

I learned enough of the instructions, using a magnifier at times with my glasses and aging eyeballs, to complete the cabinets in less than about 12-14 hours! with only one boo boo that required going back, no items left over, and only one modification for parts that, although properly matched, were not a good match.

It was a bit tricky, as some of the screws were very similar in size, only differentiated in the instructions by what I think was a length in millimeters, or a thread count or something. Not quite as easy as Ikea instructions.

[iPhone 4, Aperture cropped and exposure adjustment]

Still life with rubbish

post sweep rubbish

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Part of my duties here at home are cleanup and home projects. At our top level, there is a bedroom and two terraces. This one is as yet untiled, and a while back after some rain we noticed it quite thick in dirt so that the drain was blocked. Seeking to avoid a leak, we waded in and opened a path for the water to drain and later I swept up and scrubbed the surface so now no more mini-flooding.

Here, in glorious iPhone 4 HDR mode, are the results and implements of dirt removal efforts in harsh winter sun.

[iPhone 4, resized in Aperture]

Deck the balconies with lights-o-glory

Deck the balconies

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

A couple of houses here in Golden Woods had strands of lights from the third floor all the way down for Diwali season.

[Canon S110, minimal Aperture adjusting, just cropping I think]

The light out back

light out back

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

So the neighborhood is lit up for Diwali, and I go out the kitchen door to the back for some reason, and hey, the back neighbors put out lights on the block wall between our skinny yards! nice touch!

[Canon S110 in HDR mode; few or no Aperture changes]

Red light at Golden Woods

joy of sparkly red light

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Spreading the joy of light, a child festively waves sparklers in our development, called Golden Woods. These folks also burned plenty of crackers, let’s see if I can insert a sound clip here…

[Canon S110, no changes in Aperture other than resize and export]

DiwaliCrackers (1.8MB .wav) (sorry this is a cumbersome link, I haven’t figured out yet how to insert this so it plays the sound in-place; it appears to link through a couple of steps to play the sound…]

Daily Diwali d’imagery

sparking the flames

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Here’s a wide angle on our street on one of the busiest of many nights of Diwali crackering. Neighbor adults and kids are burning in the scene above, then the nearest sparks into glory below.

All kinds of fireworks, from sparklers to aerials, were burned in streets major and minor, driveways, etc. We even saw three guys rolling a roll of firecrackers about 18″ in diameter on a public streetside. The lights and crackers are on and used for a good seven days, sometimes as early as 0730 and as late as just past midnight in our observations.

The neighboring state of Tamil Nadu produces a large portion of the region’s fireworks.

[Canon S110, cropped and slightly Aperture’d]

flaming works

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Diwali by the numbers

steps diyas

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

I’m not sure what that title means, it just popped into my head. Anyway, I’ll continue the Diwali pix posting here for a few days, and eventually try to get some of the video clips online too.

These are the front steps of our villa with some candles, not the oil clay pot diya type, but conventional wax. We were alas too busy with work to do that, but those kind work better for sure. The little candles we had didn’t last long in the light breezes.

Speaking of funny numbers (not the accounting kind), there are weird ironies in administrative numbers here vs. our condo in NJ. Here there are about 50 homes, on four streets, and across from our home is #20, our address in NJ in a development of about 75 condos. Our home phone number here as almost the same digits as the one in NJ, rearranged.

[Canon s110; Aperture cropped and slight tweaks]

Dozeny Day Diwali Diyas

Welcome to 12/12/12 at 1212 hours (somewhere). The latter, at least as far as I can tell from my blog settings, in my local time in India. Your mileage may vary.

[update: apparently this didn’t post at the appointed time in India… need to check the WordrPress settings…]

Diwali Dozen

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

For your dozen pleasure, this image from recent Diwali celebrations on my street, features a dozen colored areas, by my count. Our neighbor across made a nice pattern of stylized diyas and leaf-shapes with powdered pigment in the street by the driveway. Later in the celebration they had oil diyas burning by this decoration.

[Canon S110 iso 800 1/100@5.6; Aperture tweaked for exposure, sharpening, slight saturation increase, and some burning]

And now, electricity! on the other side of the world!

afternoon shapes

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Along the street in our villa community, Golden Woods, one afternoon in November, on my short walk back from the mailbox.

Bangalore, India.

[iPhone 4, iso80, 1885th@2.8; Aperture Auto Enhance and slight contrast boost]

Wonders of electricity

lines of industry

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Right, strange title.

There I go reading into images again. Planes, helicopters, cars, lights, electric lines, almost everything in the image wouldn’t exist or work w/o electricity. Golly. Alternate title: “lines of industry”.

One of the first images made with the new Canon S110.

Paramus, NJ.

[iso200, 250th@5.9, thru the window of the Prius at 0mph]

Your tax dollars at rest for the next big thing


© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

F-15 on an airport ramp after a day of flyby duty.

[S100 iso1600, 1/5th@5.9; lots of tweaking overall and with various brushes in Aperture]

Golden blue hangar

golden blue hangar

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Another glamorous pilot morning. Early morning flight complete, walking to the cafeteria for breakfast supplement, the sun pokes thru the clouds onto a blue-sided hangar by the road and takes on a monolithic appearance.

[S100, iso80, 1250th@5; Aperture cropped, blurred most clouds, sharpened a line in the middle]

Pastel blades

dreamy rotor blade

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

I seem to have made quite a few sort of background/desktop images last summer, for some reason. Here is another I like, and I can’t remember where it was. Perhaps over the Atlantic off the southern Long Island coast. I like the position and blur of the rotor blade.

[Canon S100, iso 80, 125th@4.5; straightened, cropped, saturated and so on in Aperture for that cool pastel effect]

Loiter look

flying things

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Waiting for the next flight, on a nice summer day, outside the FBO at Monmouth County airport.

[Canon S100, iso 80, 1000th@4.5; Aperture auto enhance and crop only]