February 2013

Pastel and deities

street shrine cove

© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

I need to find out what you call this, it’s a kind of small shrine or mini temple of deity statuettes, tucked in the middle of a busy roadside mall of shops. There are garlands, small plates, and other offerings there.

[Canon S110, cropped and lightly saturated with mild seasoning in Aperture]

Backstage at the show

back of the show

© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

While we were prepping our stall at the Jaipur Jewellery show, I grazed around other parts of the show for various reasons. At one point I was enjoying the breeze and the contrast of the sky and while fabric sides of the show tents and this fellow walked by to complete the composition.

[Canon S110, 800@5.6 iso 80; Apertured only a bit for exposure]

Joy Car Shopping Mall

joy car

© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

Here’s a young fellow outside a Jaipur, India shopping mall enjoying the thrill of four-wheeling while folks behind try out something like bungee-trampoline. They’re strapped into an elastic harness thing and jump on the trampoline. Just out of sight to the right is the mall’s version of a Christmas tree, since it was Christmas season.

[S110, ISO 1600; slight Aperture mods]

Pan Masala prep

Prepping leaf snacks

© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

OK, so I was a bit quick with the ‘hello 2013, goodbye 2012’ post. I realized I had a series of snaps from Jaipur in December that I forgot to post earlier. So now, please step into the time machine as we drift lazily back to 2012….

A worker in a snacks and sundries stall on the street prepares some pan marsala for us after lunch. Thanks to Nagesh for remembering the name of the snack!

[Canon S110, cropped and burned a bit in Aperture]

Still life from backyard cleaning

hose algae

© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

Imagine my surprise, hosing down the tile and concrete back ‘yard’, and suddenly the water flow stops. No kinks in the hose, water starting to spew out of the connection at the faucet. Hm. Troubleshooting mode.

Oh, wait, you now the punchline from the photo already.

Yeah so anyway, first I turned off the water and removed the yellow part. that revealed green leafy material in the black part. Cleaned out with a toothpick, resumed.

Right, happened again. Cleaned out again, this time more junk.

Right, happened again, took off the whole nozzle and used the open ended hose and plop! out comes a fistful of what looks to my non-biologist eyes as algae. In the garden hose. In our water supply. Yum! I suppose there are lots of nutrients in there!

The trusty always there for you iPhone 5 in use, only color corrected in this case. Kinda weird light and interesting crispness for such a grab shot.

Downtown pano

Downtown pano

© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

So here is where our sideroad meets the main drag in our suburban village (where the foot meets the dirt). First iPhone 5 panorama, taken left to right, so the car in foreground is squished.

[update: image is too wide for this column of the blog; to see the whole thing, right-click to open the image in a new window or tab…]

Gratuitous Pie Tweak

Mission Pie Gratuitous tweak

© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

Welcome to 2013’s images!

Sorry to say I don’t have much, I’ll have to get at it here. This is from a trip to SF in January, I took mostly family photos and won’t be putting those here. I’ll see if any are suitable.

My friend in SF, the awesome food photographer, suggested a fine lunch spot and for dessert we walked across the street to Mission Pie to take some home for family. Nice shop, Nice Pie, Mmmmm!

So outside I grabbed an iPhone 4 shot and later made some gratuitous tweaks. Not that the original is bad, sometimes you just want to be bad, with adjustments!

Howdy race fans

Sorry for the lack of updates, been traveling, busy, a bit ill. Resuming as soon as possible.
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[Update 2/12… scheduled some pix starting 2/15, need to take some more!]