May 2013

And now this, just in…

Say… if there are no photos today, it’s probably that I got busy and didn’t have anything new ready to post.

Take no offense, I’ll be back when able.

Victoria Peak nightvu, tightvu


© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

Zoomed in more towards the east, the Wan Chai district lights are shining. There’s a nice railing to brace a camera on for such night shots. I usually let the camera choose ISO setting but for this I picked 200 and braced for the long exposure to get cleaner blacks in the image.

On this trip, I finally remembered to take along binoculars so we spent some time getting even closer views of the city as well. After a while, we went into the mall and had a Vietnamese dinner and then some ice cream while waiting for the return tram.

A nice visit but too short. We were on the ground only about 72 hours, although I’ve managed to stretch these images out over what, a month now? Got a lot done for work and came back tired but in the good travel-to-new-places way.

[Canon S110]

Victoria Peak nightvu wide


© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

We took the historic Peak Tram up to the top of Victoria Peak for the night view. There’s a nice observation deck on top of a mall complex in an interestingly shaped building. This view is to the northeast with Mid Levels and Central districts of HK in the foreground and upper left the Kowloon peninsula, where the photos a couple of posts back were taken.

You can kind of see how the north shore is built up and hilly woods cover elswhere.

The Peak Tram is pretty cool, we had a long wait for it but it’s a neat cable car ride, at times climbing a 45 degree angle. Over 100 years service with no accidents they say.

We got to the observation deck in time for the nightly laserbeam show from the buildings in the image. That part was kind of underwhelming though. Maybe the slight haze made it less dramatic than it could have been.

Not sure what the building lower right is, a hotel, residence, restaurant, not sure, but it’s right by the tram line. We lucked out with pleasant weather. Some times of year haze and fog and cloud makes this view impossible.

[Canon S110]

Dishing it up on the street, well, sidewalk actually


© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

There are lots and lots of places to eat in the areas we traveled, from tiny shops to street stands like this and of course the fancy stuff. We kept to the basics, at small low key places.

[Canon S110]

Little red mo-ped!


© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

The obligatory moped pan shot! Long term followers of the blog may recall one from Manhattan. Again this red color popping up in the scenery.

[Canon S110]

More people crossing the street, but in the evening!


© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

Basically an over-the-head grab shot crossing the street one evening with flash and longer exposure for the ambient light.

[Canon S110]

Aqua Luna junk and HK towers


© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

A more detailed view now, from the pier to the southwest, with the Aqua Luna tour junk crossing Victoria harbor towards Central district. From the web: ““Cheung Po Tsai” is the Aqua Luna junk hand built for the Aqua Restaurant Group using traditional shipbuilding methods over an 18 month period by a local craftsman supervised by a veteran 73 year old shipbuilder. The junk with its distinctive red sails is named after the Cheung Chau Island pirate who terrorised the South China Sea at the turn of the twentieth century and was launched in 2006 with a capacity to carry 80 passengers excluding crew.”

[Canon S110]

Public pier pan photo per phone

HK pan from kowloon

© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

Speaking of the pier and the view, here’s a sweep of the iPhone 5 in panorama mode, showing a bit of the pier, Victoria harbor, and the north shore of Hong Kong island.

Full width image 1024 pixel wide in its own window.

[iPhone5 panorama mode]

Art time at Tsim Sha Tsui clock tower


© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

After the science museum we headed down to the shoreline to catch the Star Ferry back to the island (also an inexpensive and good tourist sightseeing trip, not unlike the free Staten Island Ferry in NYC). This display of illuminated, inflated characters was possibly part of the ongoing citywide art festival.

The image vantage point was from a nice public pier viewing point which stretches a few hundred meters with grand south views.

[Canon S110]

Mickey windows


© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

The train line that goes to Disneyland and its resorts sports Mickey Mouse profile windows and other Disneyfied features, like Mickey hands for the overhead handgrips and so on. Cute touches.

After this visit, we took two additional metro rail lines to the Hong Kong Science Museum for additional work research. That visit took us onto the streets of Kowloon, north across the harbor from Hong Kong island. Similar to HK island’s northern districts but a notch easier going, sort of like outer boroughs are to Manhattan.

The southern shore of Kowloon is more spiffified, a mix of museums, older classic luxury hotels, transit and tour boat docks and the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, with views of the harbor and HK island’s northern shore.

[Canon S110]