October 2013

EEEiiiiaaayyy! Hallowe’en!

spider in the Golden Woods backyard

© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

Continuing the nature theme, coincidentally, we have a small, about 5×10′ area behind the villa with some dirt in it. I threw some watermelon and papaya seeds out there long ago, waiting for something to happen, and during this rainy season, some variety of plants have come up, apparently a watermelon vine included.

Oh! but then we noticed this spider, apparently motionless for days, or very good at coming back to the same exact spot. In subsequent days we have seen it moving.

With some midday sun peeking between the high walls, I met visually with this ‘un, according to some web sites possibly an Argiope Aurantia spider. One of the good ones, phew! and generally no hazard to humans, double phew! remained about 2m from it to not disturb the habitat (“watch now, as Jim carefully stalks the wild black bear, a bit too closely, oh, watch out Jim!” you young kids may not get the reference).

Dave’s Garden (no relation)
Spiders dot US

[Canon 7D, full size RAW, 70-200 at, you guessed it, 200!mm; Aperture slightly cropped, maxed sharpening to try to bring out the web, some slight vignette, burning on the spider body]

Short but brilliant


© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

We have a small hibiscus plant out front, for a while it was struggling, but lately it’s popping out these 5-” diameter flowers every few days, which last only a day or two. The ants and other insects like to crawl in the middle and… eat the nectar I guess.

[Canon S110; Aperture cropped, color balance attempted, some burning sharpening and vignetting going on too]

Cow in the fast lane

moove over

© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

On southbound National Highway 7 on the south side of Bangalore, a cow out for a stroll, to wrap up our images of the road unintended series. Strange to you westerners but quite and ordinary sight here. But I must have a better image than this, just wanted to share it with you to lighten up your Sunday. Next up: nature!

[iPhone 5 grab out the window; Aperture cropped, dodge and burn, sharpened, color balance]

(readers note: I pre-scheduled this and a couple more images, but will be traveling around this time so not sure how much I’ll update in coming weeks. Thanks for hanging in there.)

Look! it’s King Tut!

Look it's Tut!

© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

Further hanging around roadside with slow shutter speed pans outside the King Tut resort imaged from yesterday.

This is just a luck grab, I panned with a lot of vehicles, and this was a nice moment of glances and postures. Can you find the fourth rider? I only noticed during this round of editing!

[Powershot S110; Aperture cropped, color balance, exposure adjust, sharpened, enhanced existing back and foreground blur]

King Tut Slept Here


© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

There’s a decent sized resort outside town where we were picking up a business colleague after his meeting. While waiting I framed this of the outer perimeter wall and the Tut statue along the entry drive. An Egyptian themed resort. In Bangalore. Yes.

More to come from highway observations!

[Canon S110; aperture cropping, color correcting, level tweaking]

Versa Vise Jesus Wise

Jesus peace

© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

rocky hill

© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

So on the same June afternoon journey where we passed the friendly fellow billboard, we were early to our meeting with a friend so we stopped at a Coffee Day for a snack.

Top, I spied a Jesus Loves Peace & Joy painting on the rocks, and someone on the rocks observing the scenery, an approximate view provided in the lower pic. What, you don’t see the person? I dodged a bit there on the left…

From almost the same spot I turned around and made the rocky hill and highway image. Clouds indicating, yes, southwest monsoon season.

I snapped a fair bit this day, we were waiting and I was a car passenger.

[Canon S110; Aperture cropped, exposured, dodged a bit, maybe sharpened]

Hey Buddy!

hey you

© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

Both the smaller banners (“hoardings”) and larger than life signs are fairly common most of the year around, something to do with a lot of local elections. This one we saw on a drive past the northeast edge of town was different in the outfit of the fellow, which is typically all white. No idea about this one, the driver was watching the road and not the sign and couldn’t explain it.

[S110 out the window grab from highway; Aperture cropped, dodged, shadows lightened, etc]

Now and Thenever

now and then

© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

Massive new construction continues to sprout downstream along a narrow potholed road here nearly certainly without appropriate infrastructure support.

[S110; Aperture crop, color balance]


NYT Story on Hong Kong Trams (reference my HK photo posts earlier this year)

NSA probably has your contact and buddy lists

Richard Stallman in Wired on surveillance in a democracy

London’s Natural History Museum 2013 Wildlife Photog of the Year in The Guardian

Zen Construction

zen construction

© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

Earlier this year Bangalore was reaching a water crisis, with only days worth of water left in reservoirs that feed the city of about 8 million. Our villa development’s wells ran dry so everyone had to install these water tanks and piping on the roof. This is the midday view from the roof terrace, before the workers lifted the bricks and tank one more floor up.

The tank was lifted to this third floor level from the ground by one fellow, using a rope wrapped around a stick inside the mouth of the tank. Bricks were brought up one or two at a time by a worker who stacked them thus.

Further work brought the blocks up as a base with concrete cover, and the tank atop that.

Southwest Monsoon season arrived about on time, rainfall over three months or so was above normal, and we haven’t heard anything since about the wells or reservoirs. The complex’s main supply tank is filled now by water tankers instead of the wells last we heard.

By now, the bougainvillea vines top center are reaching the trellis (shadow in middle). All the way from one plant at ground level!

Original in color I had a hard time getting good color balance, so to emphasize the lines and shapes, I applied a blue filter in Aperture.

[Canon S110; Aperture as listed]

Nature Undisturbed

Nature undisturbed

© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

Outside our Electronics City showroom, this tree flower was gripping the earth, just as shown. No stage management was involved, simply a recording of the scene with trusty imager.

[iPhone 5; Aperture tweak for sharpness, exposure]


outside cpk

© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

After a dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen and checking out a gathering of an expatriate club, the scene of a Bangalore weeknight.

[iPhone 5 HDR mode; Aperture with minimal tweaking]

Linkday 10 Oct

Natl Geo photog Jim Richardson explores Scotland with iPhone 5s and Instagram

JR’s page on Instagram

Burning Man 2013 documentary on Vimeo-just noticed they have videos for rent and sale; I’ve not been to the site in a while!

Structure of the infra

Bloreport Rd

© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

stopped in traffic on Bangalore’s Old Airport Road, this seemed to be an image.

[iPhone 5; Aperture for color balance, levels, exposure]

Vice Versa

at the jjs ribbon cutting

comments by us, original from jjs web site

JJS ribbon cutting

© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

A much lesser angle.

[Canon S110, Aperture crop n light tweaks\

More white lines

some white lines

© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

Sprouting somewhat differently than the seedling.

[iPhone 5; Aperture lightly for crop, sharpness, levels]

Seed lines

seed lines © Copyright 2013 David Nuss

© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

From mid-May, when we had a potted small tree out front, which sported 8 to 10″ long symmetrical pods which eventually cracked open to show these guys, which quickly flew away in the wind as I was shooting.

[Canon S110; Aperture cropped, tweaked, vignetted, sharpened]