November 2013

Hey ho hiatus-oh

If you’re seeing this, then I didn’t allocate my time right enough to post more pix. Stay tuned, mind your RSS feeds, email etc to know more about the continuations. Dave, proprietor.

Buogainwhat? That’s my home!


© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

Speakin’ o’ the ‘villea, on another fine day we were training and trimming on the terrace and this 6″ friend popped out at the disturbance. Another too by a different route. High upon the wall, we said our hellos and moved on.

[Canon S110, macro focus with fill flash; Aperture cropped, burned, slight sharpening and color adjustments]



© Copyright 2013 David Nuss

Maybe the spelling is off, but if you’ve been to the tropics you know the bougainvillea (thanks spell check!).

We bought a small plant years ago for a balcony and transplanted it to our 3-story villa rental and it has become a powerhouse! from a small dirt patch, about 2mx1mx.5m, it goes across the front fence and up above the third floor, where we are trellising it on some beams above the roof terrace.

Ah, so, anyway… I was out at night once watching the ISS fly over, thanks to an email notice of it’s pass, thinking to try the 7D’s 70-200/2.8 lens at high iso to video it, but was too slow and missed it, so I shot some frames at 12,800 iso or so of the plant with street lights and neighbor balconies beyond. Then I really threw the adjustment palettes at the image to try to ‘make something’ out of grunge. It was a fun experiment while it lasted.

But not bad for such a high ISO and about 1/4 second exposure time braced on the doorframe with swarming mosquitoes around.

[Canon 7D, 70-200 lens; Aperture cropped, sharpened, color foolin’, maxed saturation, and so on]


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