June 2014

Crashing surf at Bodega

Bodega Coast waters

© Copyright 2014 David Nuss

Nature, science, it’s all right there. Thank goodness for the state park so everybody can take in the scene.

[Canon S110; Aperture]

Stitching Bodega Head

family visit to Bodega Head

© Copyright 2014 David Nuss

Also during the California visit, we tripped in a large group to a beautiful winter sunny day and took a hike with some photo pauses, and lunched thereafter. Found it a bit odd that in the ever-protective-of-citizens California, that there were very few danger warning signs in this state park.

[Canon S110; Photoshop Elements 11 Photomerge®]

The Family of Fruits

Family Fruit Salad

© Copyright 2014 David Nuss

For a large family breakfast, early winter morning sun highlights the action at the fruit salad bowl and neighboring for-the-compost-bin-bowl.

[Canon S110; Aperture]

Navy Honors for WWII Veteran

Navy Honors

© Copyright 2014 David Nuss

I’m trying to resume the photo postings, and looking back it seems I left out a couple of trips in the chronology (I try to keep the blog pretty much in time sequence).

Back in January 2013 I was in California for a funeral and memorial service. Here we see the Navy honor guard wrapping up their very dignified proceedings for the Navy WWII veteran they came to honor for assembled family.

[Canon 7D; Aperture tweaked]