August 2014

Released from the Beast

747-800 at FRA

© Copyright 2014 David Nuss

Time for some more travel, this time to NJ in October 2013. First leg from here is a stop in Frankfurt, with a view of the resting beast that brought us.

[Apple iPhone 5; Aperture cropped, exposure adjusted]

Colorful Nature Underfoot

ground flower

© Copyright 2014 David Nuss

Wish I was better at plant identification, but where we have our showroom here, this flower had freshly fallen from its tree perch.

[Apple iPhone 5; Aperture adjusted for exposure, sharpening flower, blurring dirt]

Rubble Birds


© Copyright 2014 David Nuss

While driving local roads looking for new housing developments this view near Electronics City appeared, then the birds made their appearance. This is a pretty normal scene, construction debris just dumped by the side of the barely-(if) paved road.

[Apple iPhone 5; Aperture cropped, aggresive sky treatment to make it look more like it did in real]

New Maskmaker on the Block


© Copyright 2014 David Nuss


© Copyright 2014 David Nuss

This home/shop of a pottery works I guess you’d call it, popped up some time ago by the side of the road. While making the top photo, a rickshaw being passed by a Polo or something came by and the iPhone in its way captured the action. Not sure which photo I like better.

[Apple iPhone 5; Aperture for exposure, cropping, burning, dodging]

2013: A 3D Print Oddessy

it has landed

© Copyright 2014 David Nuss

[with apologies to Kubrick]

Our new 3D printer, freshly assembled from a kit in late 2013, in a freshly renovated training room before furniture was moved back in.

[Apple iPhone 5; Aperture if anything, exposure adjusted]

Stairway to Cleanen


© Copyright 2014 David Nuss

With the freshly laid floor and renovated showroom, a soft padded tablecloth is a good fit for protecting the flooring from the stepladder’s potentially soiled feet.

[Apple iPhone 5; Aperture cropped and that’s about it; purple glow at top is what happens when iPhone gets some light in from the front; white balance seems to have corrected for the fluorescents, hence the pink outdoor light]

Swept, not inhaled


© Copyright 2014 David Nuss

The bahnhof post pretty much wraps up the US and Germany trip photos, now back at the ranch, we had epoxy flooring put in our showroom, and they had to start by grinding the stone floor. The workers didn’t have any eye, ear, or nose protection so we offered clear glasses and masks, but found them later unused. After the epoxy cured, I swept ceiling, walls, and floor and got this pile of stone dust. Better swept up than in the lungs. Yes, I used a mask during the sweeping.

[Apple iPhone 5; Aperture perhaps auto-enhance, or minimal adjusting]

Bahnhof Clock

sunshine time

© Copyright 2014 David Nuss

There are a couple of things you don’t find much in airports these days, like, clocks. Another is water fountains (for drinking). It seems they intentionally make it difficult. Electric outlets, that’s another.

But back in the good ol’ days when rails were king, clocks are part of the architecture. At least in places where the trains run on time, like here in Hamburg’s Hauptbahnhof Nord station, where there is also quite a bit of retail commerce.

[iPhone 5; Aperture cropped, highlight work, burning, etc to try to compensate for impatience; I probably could have waited a bit longer and the sun would have been in a better spot]

Near Summer at the new HH waterfront

new development hh

© Copyright 2014 David Nuss

The waterfront district in Hamburg, like many other urban centers, is undergoing significant redevelopment. During lunch this interesting view from our restaurant appeared.

[iPhone 5; Aperture pretty much only cropped]

Edgi Mini


© Copyright 2014 David Nuss

Wandering back to our hotel from Rathausmarkt we passed the Hamburgisches Staatsoper and found this lovely orange Mini Cooper.

In the process of bringing the Aperture filter hammers down aggressively the color of the car is somewhat misrepresented but it’s attractive in original as well.

Was going to post this earlier in August but with an 8 on the plate and a 5 on the side, it had to be 8/5, or August 5 (vs. May 8th). Funny how that stuff works out.

[Canon S110; Aperture crop, burn, vignette, softening, saturation, sharpening, vibrancy, pretty much the whole bucket]

Sepia Chile Haus


© Copyright 2014 David Nuss

Façade of Hamburg’s Chile Haus, facing Hachez’ Chocoversum chocolate shop/museum, so it made sense to do the already brown brick building in strong sepia, but leave the sky as is. You can do some ‘photoshoppy’ things with Aperture depending on the image.

I spared the reader the use of sepia text here. This time.

[Canon S110; Aperture sharpened, cropped, strong sepia, tinted sky back to sky color]

Glass Glossary

glass glossary

© Copyright 2014 David Nuss

If I knew, I’d tell what each glass is for. Scene from the wedding reception in Hamburg mid-2013. A very nice day.

[Canon S110; Aperture cropped, tweaked a bit]