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Different Angles

In NYC, they’re cutting back tourist heli flights, even though the complaints to NYC are miniscule.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, they’re starting tourism ops over objections in Goa, India.

Go Figure.

First Woman Transcontinental Flier in US

From GA News, and other locations, the story of Lillian Gatlin, president of the National Association of Gold Star Mothers, and her October 1922 10-stop, 3-day flight in a de Havilland mail plane to “honor of mothers whose sons were aviators and killed during the First World War”.


Links for lunch: science, animals, history! Get down!

Summer at Martha’s

IMG_3607 - Version 2

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Flew some customers out to the airport at Martha’s Vineyard island in June.

After cleaning up for the next leg and taking a break, I looked back and the angle of light, colors just made it look interesting, like a cutout form against blue construction paper.

[Canon S100, iso 80, f/8@1/200; Aperture cropped, straightened, exposure, sharpness]

Wind in the waves

wind in waves

© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

In the summer, flying around the northeast, we frequently encounter and avoid thunderstorm cells and related turbulence. Sometimes you can see the turbulence as its hits the water, here on Little Peconic Bay, NY, Long Island, heading westbound. There is a little boat upper right and whenever I see these I just have to wonder what their experience of the winds is.

Some pilots are observant and, ahem, observe, these indicators; others, ahem, are busy texting…

Flying over the more agricultural southeast PA/Maryland area you can see similar wind-waves on the crops at the right time of year.

[Canon S100, ISO 125, 1/200@f/5; Aperture worked for contrast, sharpness, exposure]

Copter, sky; Sky, copter


© Copyright 2012 David Nuss

Suppose you could call this ‘just another helicopter on the ramp shot’.

But if you’re an aviation fanboy, this could be a dramatic opening shot to an exciting dramatic enchantment!

Or something.

Anyway, it’s an S-76B that I’ve flown since about 2000, off and on, parked while waiting for passengers, in, Massachusetts I think, back in late Spring or early Summer. With plenty beckoning blue sky around and an airplane in the background.

[iPhone 4, ISO 100; resized in Aperture]

Monday linx

Animated tv program The Jetsons turned 50 on Sunday!

Time Lapse photography of the Irish countryside

Photo related links for today

Unmanned aircraft camera platforms as part of extreme sports (AP)

The Online Photographer (TOP) links to LA Times’ Framework image gallery of the Space Shuttle/747 combo going to LA.

Witful Wednesday #4

WW #4 kicks off with some interesting links!


You could certainly find some witful photography on sale via the Aperture Foundation holiday sale page. (no financial interest on my side, just like their work).


Sense of Flying” video on YouTube, see what it’s like for Espen Fadne flying down a mountain at 250 km/h.

Marco Arment, creator of the awesome Instapaper, compares the Kindle Fire and iPad 2 in a side-by-side comparison, for those with a sense of tech humor.

So… a bit short on the humor, sorry about that! better luck next week!

Swirly 430

Swirly 430

© 2011 David Nuss, All Rights Reserved

An idling Bell 430 helicopter at night with swirly colors from aircraft lights and heliport lights reflected in cowlings and main rotor, using a slow shutter speed.

[Canon S100 handheld 1/15th sec ISO 1600; Tweaked and cropped in Aperture with a couple of brushes like burn, saturation, contrast]

Blue skies for a gray day


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Today is grayer than expected here in the greater Gotham area, so here is the tower at Newark airport for your blue-sky enjoyment, made with iphone, unadulterated by filters or post-processing. Just pure jpeg goodness, yummy!

Keeping Pace at N40

Piper Pacer

© 2011 David Nuss, All Rights Reserved

Spent some nice hours at the wonderful Sky Manor airport in central-west NJ Sunday, including a fine breakfast at the restaurant, which features big glass windows with a view of the runway.

Met lots of nice folks and saw some interesting aircraft, including several homebuilts.

Stop by an visit the field if you’re in the area!

Instagram filter applied, not sure which one. The actual plane is what you might call Piper Yellow.

End of Summer feeling at KHTO

airplanes on the KHTO ramp at sunset

© 2011 David Nuss, All Rights Reserved

I’m experimenting with the Instagram software on the iPhone. Saw this sunset image last week between flights at East Hampton, NY (KHTO).

Don’t recall the filter I used, alas.