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About Momentum Driving

My 2005 Prius and I usually get over 50 miles per gallon, less in winter.

I’m sharing some techniques in future posts if they’re of use to anyone in their driving, Prius or not. (Not related to the UK company with a web site of the same name; I just googled the term and saw their site).

I think it’s good to:

  • strive for better mileage and less pollution
  • be nice to your machine by being smooth
  • help traffic flow by being smooth
  • be efficient in life in general

These techniques:

  • save money on fuel by using less
  • save money on maintenance by wearing less on tires, brakes
  • extend peaceful karma
  • make use of the brain in a positive way
  • give a good feeling that you’re improving the world
  • would help traffic flow if more drivers observed them
Be aware:
  • many drivers don’t see beyond the steering wheel
  • many drivers don’t think much about their technique or other people
  • you may have to practice regular breathing to stay calm around the above
  • you may observe tailgaters and aggressive passing on both sides
  • this has always been the case for those willing to be different

Doing good things, is, I think, good, and good is the right thing to do.

Why “Momentum Driving”? It’s a name I thought up while driving, thinking about the whole route, and trying to make it as smooth as possible, thinking about how to minimize the stop and start, minimize acceleration and braking. Knowing when to accelerate and not, when to coast to minimize braking. Every time you push the accelerator, you spend money. Every time you touch the brakes, you throw away some money. Think about driving as spending money, and these techniques might make more sense. So it’s an approach to driving to maximize efficiency.

Let the momentum carry you along, perhaps a bit like something floating on the currents of water. This big picture will meld with the little picture tips as the posts in this category/tag add up.

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