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sorry about the lack o’ posts. busy. will advise when more.

Calligrapher master adieu

RIP Rev. Robert Palladino, calligrapher who inspired Steve Jobs at Reed College in Oregon.

linx o’ the day

A bit late for Valentine’s Day but, acrylic paint roses.

You think I post lots of links: Hah! see Doc Searls’ Bag o’ Tags

Kirk McElhearn, Kirkville, End of Solitude in internet age…

Walden is, of course, in the public domain and available as ebook with a few clicks of the intermouse.

Giant point-to-point eyeball

Doc Searls on visualizing the internet and salient riffs

and interestingly enough, Bruce Schneier looks at the web as a bot for both good and otherwise

Really good thoughtful pieces for your Saturday.

Marvin Minsky, AI pioneer, RIP

Different Angles

In NYC, they’re cutting back tourist heli flights, even though the complaints to NYC are miniscule.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, they’re starting tourism ops over objections in Goa, India.

Go Figure.

Even Day links

Thoughts on being a foreigner by Kirkville. Some of the notes resonate. Interesting read if you have a couple of minutes.

The famous ‘Migrant Mother’ image by Dorothea Lange was made in Nipomo, just miles from where I’m working now. Golly! And now they are… proposing a park on the theme. Hm. Also:

Linx of intrext

Stuff from the interwebs:

Eat Food…

Kirkville comments on ODPHD new dietary guidelines. Um, wait, the blog post made it sound new but it’s labeled 2015-2020. Hm.

See also:

Photogs’ Photog

From The Photo Society: “6th annual National Geographic Photographer’s Photographer award”.


Photographer Max Desfor nears age 100 in the NYT Lens blog

Mountaintop mirrors light up Norway valley village in winter, NYT

NASA Earth Observatory YouTube video of hurricane Sandy smashing NY/NJ a year ago

“This is Mars” book noted on Brain Pickings

 “The Most Honored Photograph” on Lensrentals.com about a WWII aerial recon mission


And now this, just in…

Say… if there are no photos today, it’s probably that I got busy and didn’t have anything new ready to post.

Take no offense, I’ll be back when able.

Thanks Scott Anderson!

He is the designer of the theme I’m using for this blog. I wrote him about how to reduce the height of the header and he came back with pinpoint instructions so now every viewer saves some scrolling effort. Hurrah!

Opera in the wild

The other evening I heard a few minutes’ worth of wild dogs howling. Intriguing to hear for a mostly suburban/urban denizen.

First some barking, then one main howler, soon joined by other howlers backed up by fainter staccato barkers. Was wishing I had a shotgun microphone to record the session. We have had a wild dog problem for a long time. Looking at the newspaper (yes, paper) here it seems The Authorities have a culling program ongoing. Seems to be fewer dogs hanging around on the streets than on my past visits, tho that’s not a scientific observation.

Our gated community is surrounded by older and newer construction, and on a few sides open fields with corrugated metal shacks where people live, plus small wooded areas. I’m supposing that is where the dogs are roaming.

More unsettling is the sound of cats growling at each other. More primal and with a tint of potential violence.

Tintypes. Not antique. Contemporary!

Real photographers… make tintypes! 4 min video by Matt Morris with Harry Taylor on Laughing Squid.

Time zooms by

Yes it does. For anyone following this site, I’m now in India.

I have some pix ready to post but have been very busy with day to day things here. Plus, the electricity and internet go out frequently, so it will take some time to upload any postings.

These are not excuses, just infos. Not that you think I forgot about you.

Linx for some day or other

Faking It: A Visual History of 150 Years of Image Manipulation Before Photoshop” from Brain Pickings. Hey, guess what! there have been photographic tricks in play for… quite a while! Highlights the need for all of us to have some visual savvy!

From NPR Music, “First Listen: ‘REWORK_Philip Glass Remixed‘”. You can stream the hour-plus album, an exercise in remixing by contemporary musicians, of works by Philip Glass, on the occasion of his 75th birthday year. One can, of course, also buy the music.

Around the world in five minutes, viewed from space, with scientist narration, at The Chive (requires Flash).

Michelle Vignes, Magnum editor, Gamma photog…

IN MEMORIAM Death of Michelle Vignes” on Le Journal de la Photographie, via Kim Komenich on LinkedIn, veteran photographer, San Jose State professor, bank robber catcher.

I may have heard of Ms. Vignes but sadly had not appreciated her work until this memoriam.

Links for lunch: science, animals, history! Get down!

Happy World Standards Day!

Yes, it’s true:

World Standards Day, via TechHive

Somehow the dnpixl team here passed 100 blog posts and didn’t even mark the event. Sorry state of affairs at the pixl HQ. Tsk, Tsk.

Anyway, nuff said on that.

We have to wonder, today, what the folks involved in Apollo are thinking, watching the skydive-from-120k’. Things change pretty quickly you might think, but then again, today’s record only beats one set, ahem, before my lifetime, back in 1960 by the quite possibly more shall we say, gutsy, Joe Kittinger.

Herr Baumgartner had quite the kit and support team, but nonetheless a good ol’ Army ‘hooah’ to him! (he probably also passed 100, mph, without noticing!).

[addendum: sharp eyed Bob asked me what I meant by FB passing 100 mph in the parenthetical above when he certainly went much faster. The reference was so skillfully inserted above that many readers didn’t catch it! Self included just now! but the reference was to having not noticed that I passed 100 blog posts, as FB probably didn’t notice passing 100 of anything on the leap.]


I saw these guys from Eepybird do their coke and mentos demo on Sunday at MakerFaire NYC Fun! but I stayed way at the back and did not get wet!:

MakerFaire NYC totals are in, I was among over 55,000 attendees for the weekend event:

On a Maker-related note, via the iFixIt blog,

Art with a cycling focus:

Perspective illusion! from xkcd:

Can one ever know enough about eggcorns?

iOS Maps, schmapps… problem?… issue?… thinger?…