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Witful Wednesday #5

Last Wednesday of 2011, woo hoo!


The Rise and Fall of a Gizmo” in Slowpoke comic by Jen Sorensen, via Daily Kos


North Korea caught-gasp!-using Photoshop by the NYT Lens blog

Witful Wednesday #4

WW #4 kicks off with some interesting links!


You could certainly find some witful photography on sale via the Aperture Foundation holiday sale page. (no financial interest on my side, just like their work).


Sense of Flying” video on YouTube, see what it’s like for Espen Fadne flying down a mountain at 250 km/h.

Marco Arment, creator of the awesome Instapaper, compares the Kindle Fire and iPad 2 in a side-by-side comparison, for those with a sense of tech humor.

So… a bit short on the humor, sorry about that! better luck next week!

Witful Wednesday #3

Third week done, now on a roll with fun links and such.


  • The Photo Society, “We are a group of contributing photographers for National Geographic Magazine, committed to telling the world’s stories through pictures.” Tell it they do, awesomely as you might expect, in a very nicely designed web site. I’ve been fortunate to meet some of these photographers in the past and they really are caring, concerned people. Bookmark the site, subscribe to its RSS feed, and spread the word.
  • Ultra Fast Camera Records at Speed of Light


Funny, if it wasn’t so sadly true

Got to find a way to get more Wit in the Witful!

Witful [but somber] Wednesday #2

First, a serious note. 70 years ago as I write this, Japanese planes were airborne on a surprise attack at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. You should read about this topic today, for instance:


Now back to the regularly scheduled Witful Wednesday #2


Want to look at 400 pix ordered with “little rhyme or reason”? View the “A World at 7 Billion” feature on NY Times Lens Blog.


Jason Kottke tweets: “The great thing about getting “pay-by-the-pound” food from the deli is that you know exactly what you’re gonna weigh after lunch.”


Have a look at the Leica Camera Blog, Photographers section



Witful Wednesday #1

Hey, start of a new ‘feature’… see how long it lasts.

The fun stuff

The Five Best Toys Ever by GeekDad (via kottke.org)

Fifteen Travel Tips You Probably Haven’t Heard Before by My Little Nomads (via kottke.org)

Interesting innovation

Non-sticky sticking/holding device for your small gadgets, now fully funded at Kickstarter

Nicely designed FM radio and Bluetooth speaker, now fully funded at Kickstarter

Also interesting

National Geographic contributors create The Photo Society; awesomely designed site (without regard to content), the eye flows around nicely, typography well styled and chosen; it almost scales nicely to the iPhone display, but text is too small; is the name a play on ‘the photo-secession‘?